Monday, February 7, 2011

Special Education App of the Week - ABA FlashCards Actions


ABA FlashCards (Actions) is an iPhone/iPod app that presents 52 colorful images with action words. There is also an audio component which is useful when seeking vocal imitation from the student.  These flashcards are great for students with emerging language skills. Visual and auditory learners will benefit from these Action flashcards!

The flashcards include: Bathing, Blowing, Bouncing, Brushing, Catching, Clapping, Climbing, Crawling, Crying, Cuddling, Cutting, Dancing, Drawing, Drinking, Eating, Flying, Hugging, Jumping, Kicking, Kissing, Knocking, Laughing, Licking, Listening, Looking, Painting, Peeking, Petting, Playing, Pouring, Reading, Riding, Rolling, Running, Singing, Skipping, Sleeping, Sliding, Smelling, Smiling, Spinning, Splashing, Stacking, Swinging, Tasting, Thinking, Throwing, Tickling, Washing, Waving, Whispering, Winning.

You can download the app here: ABA Flashcards - Actions


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