Sunday, February 6, 2011

QR Codes....The Next Big Thing in Smartphones

What is a QR Code? QR stands for "quick response" and is a 2 dimensional bar-code created in Japan in 1994.  The creator of the QR Code wanted to allow the contents of the code to be downloaded at a high speed. Basically, you just scan the QR Code with your Smartphone and the embedded information appears on your screen. QR codes can be embedded with text, URL's, and other data. 

One website you can use to generate data is . Enter in the data you want to be embedded in the code, and it will generate a QR Code for you.  Scan this QR Code to take you this website: 

There are many apps that have been created for smartphones for the purpose of scanning QR Codes. I currently use ATT Scanner  (  Scan this QR Code to take you to the download link for the app:  

Once you have an app on your smartphone, you can scan pictures of QR Codes anywhere! They can be found in magazines, billboards, restaurants and many other places. Best Buy has QR Codes all throughout their store to provide information and pricing on their products. 

The possibilities are limitless!  Scan the code below to get all of my information:


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